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Is Your Path-to-Education Experience Simple Enough?

Fetch some leads and sales

I work with data every day, and the number one thing that clients want to know is whether they are keeping visitors on the site and getting them to convert. You would think that in 2017 this would be easy, right? Drive visitor to website with content, lead them to learn more or receive an offer, and get a completed form. Alas, no. It isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, especially when you have multiple sites and brands, complicated lead generation situations, or other factors at play.

Lead Generation : Not so Simple!

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United Airlines’ Response to Forcibly Removed Passenger Represents the Worst of Corporate Communications

And the Oscar for “best forced apology by a CEO” goes to… United Airlines and Oscar Munoz! I continue to be shocked by the poor response of United Airlines to the plight of Dr. David Dao, who was forcibly removed and injured by a Chicago “aviation security” officer because he refused to leave the plane. […]

In Search of the Early Web

There From the Start Twenty-three years ago, I spent my days and nights avoiding the drudgery of sitting in my college classes, but becoming educated nonetheless. Sitting in my room on the seventh floor of Willham Hall South at Oklahoma State University, I discovered the commercial web at the dawn of its existence. It just […]

It’s Elemental.

I’ve joined the crew at Element Creative, a terrific agency in De Pere, Wisconsin. I write at┬átheir corporate blog on topics around content marketing, marketing automation, and business process improvement. Catch me there!

Marketing Copywriters: What’s Your Writing Workflow?

When Is Your Copy Editing “Done”? As a marketing copywriter, your skills are a double-edged sword. You have the power to help your clients clarify their message, tell a compelling story and connect with your audience. But you probably also notice a lot of things when you write that others may not. While your client […]