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Unlock the Power of Your Digital Marketing & Web Analytics

Optimize Your Online Marketing

If 10,000 prospects visit your website from your digital marketing, but only two become leads, how do you know what to change?

Enhance Your Digital Experience

I’ll work with you to build sets of ideal user outcomes from your digital marketing efforts and create website tracking elements to measure them…

Understand Your Visitors

This way, you’ll understand exactly where users are engaging with your marketing or falling out of the funnel, and where to focus for conversion optimization.

About Marcus Sanford

Marcus Sanford

I’m a 21 year veteran of digital marketing campaigns across industries as varied as enterprise software, higher education, government, and nonprofit organizations.

I’ll produce results for you by tracking your ideal digital marketing outcomes, across platforms, and create reporting that is human readable and business relevant to help your ongoing conversion optimization. More >


Marcus created and implemented a script that helps me pass variables to affiliate networks and did a great job. He was very responsive and helpful, it’s always great to work with pros.


In the fast-paced internet start-up business, a Webmaster has to have the right combination of accuracy, creativity, flexibility and speed to take ideas and quickly turn them into concrete communication – Marcus possesses those skills and more.


Marcus has exceeded expectations from the beginning of the relationship. He is consultative in his approach and adapted how he worked w/ us based on our business. He took the time to get our engineering team comfortable with how to implement our analytics solution and has seamlessly worked with several of our internal departments. We are continuing to work with him on several different projects and I would highly recommend him on any analytics project!


Marcus has been a great and integral addition to the Marketing team. Marcus is extremely well versed in and understands the corporate market at every level. His wealth of knowledge and experience is exceptional and he is a consistent pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.


There are few people who can very quickly understand an issue, or a job, or a problem, or a person, then, take that information and bring back a creative solution that addresses the issue, job, problem or person.

Marcus is one of those people and it make him a JOY to work with. When Marcus has worked with me, I never worried about running up against deadlines or quality of work at all because he got the job done.


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