The Automation Advantage: Do You Know Who’s Visiting Your Website?

Back on Valentine’s Day, Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers reported for spring training, which got me thinking. I’m a huge baseball fan, and always make time to go to at least a few Brewers games each season, while I listen to and watch hundreds more. I’m excited about the possibility for Andrew Susac, who […]

GDPR Means Content Marketing Has to Grow Up

It’s no wonder that visitors are so hesitant to fill out website forms. They know what they’re in for once they do. Endless emails with offers. Multiple “newsletters” filled with self-centered advertisements. Messages from Sales every other day, “just checking in.” LET’S BE FRANK Some marketers haven’t always been completely above board. Way beyond website forms, the […]

California is the First GDPR Domino to Fall in the U.S. – Here’s Why Content Marketers Should Take Note

“GDPR” is coming to the United States. On Thursday, June 28, California’s governor signed “Consumer Privacy Act of 2018” legislation with data handling rules very similar to what the European Union has with its General Data Protection Regulations. That didn’t take long. And while there is a little time for businesses to prepare (the regulations […]