Every company needs marketing, from the biggest brands to the small family owned business down the street. Without marketing companies might not be able to find a base of customers to make them successful, but it’s also important to not just throw advertising efforts at the wall and just hope something sticks. Instead you should always be keeping track of any results you can to determine what is working, and what other avenues your business can try. Here are a few of the critical marketing metrics that you should be tracking for 2021.

Top Four Key Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

Metrics #1: Lead Generation/Cost Per Lead

A marketing metrics consultant can help you generate more leads
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It’s important to keep track of any and all lead generation efforts. This could be from emails, landing pages or any variety of campaigns. This is often how many businesses find new customers to add to their mailing lists. A marketing metrics consultant can analyze the cost per lead you are receiving to determine whether or not the cost of your efforts are weighing out the cost of the results. This can be a difficult conclusion to come to without the help of a professional data analyst

Marketing Metrics #2: Website Analytics

A marketing metrics consultant can turn your website analytics into real insights
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Another important area to track is website analytics, which can give you an endless amount of useful information such as the amount of visitors your site receives in any given time period, the most popular pages on your site, how visitors are interacting with your site and so much more. A marketing metrics consultant can take a deep time into these analytics to make sure that you are getting the most out of your website. They can also make suggestions for things that you could be doing better to increase overall traffic and engagement. 

Metrics #3: Social Media Analytics

A marketing metrics consultant can help you make sense of social media
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Most businesses know that they should be active on social media, but many don’t realize how much information they can learn from their audience there. It can be overwhelming to look at these marketing metrics, but it is important to understand them. Social media platform analytics can tell you what type of posts get the most engagement and interaction, what days and times are best for posting and some demographics for your audience. This information can help shape your future campaigns to make an even bigger impact. Additionally if you are doing paid social ads, you can see your cost per click and see how your ads are performing. If you are paying more than a few dollars per click, you might want to reassess the ads you are running.

Marketing Metrics: #4: Email Analytics

A marketing metrics consultant can help you understand which emails performa and why
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Another area that can easily fly under the radar is email analytics. Depending on how many emails your business sends out, it can be an overwhelming amount of data. It is, however, important to analyze it in real time to make sure future campaigns are hitting their mark. Email analytics can also help you directly target customers and place them in different funnels based on how they are interacting. This can get incredibly complicated, but can lead to intelligent marketing and in the end: sales. A marketing metrics consultant can also help make this process much easier. They can do all the heavy lifting and analysis for you.

If you need help tracking and reporting on these critical marketing metrics categories, I can help by analyzing your analytics and making sure your marketing is meeting its mark. Contact me to set up a free consultation.