Marcus Sanford

I take the time to listen, focusing on your organization’s needs and goals to build analytics, reporting, CRO and SEO solutions that truly fit.

The Key to Conversions and Outcomes for Government, Colleges and Universities, and B2B Organizations?

A Better Approach to Analytics.

Customized Website Visitor Tracking

Standard Google Analytics isn’t enough. To truly understand visitor behavior, website tracking has to go above and beyond. I build tracking and tagging solutions that fit your specific website experience, matched to your organization’s goals.

Dashboards And Reporting

Assembling and making sense of digital data is a critical challenge. Unfortunately, out of the box reporting solutions can generate more frustration than useful insights. I’ll work with you to create data visualizations, dashboards, and custom reports that surface what’s most meaningful and actionable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your content can’t be found, the value of your website investment is diminished. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing and competitive space. As your large scale SEO consultant, I’ll help you resolve technical issues, research the highest probability keywords, and optimize your content to maximize online visibility.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

After website tracking has been built out and content is optimized for search, what then? The next step is understanding whether what you have built is working to convert visitors into satisfied users and sales leads. I’ll deploy a comprehensive approach to improving each step of the user journey so that every visit possible ends in a positive outcome.

Let’s discuss your marketing challenges.