Google Analytics 4 Deadline Pushed to July 2024 (But Only For Some)

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I recently wrote about the impending deadline to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 and stop using Universal Analytics. This will be a huge issue for colleges and universities in particular, because their primary site analytics are often a mess.

Google recently gave a reprieve to some Google Analytics customers, but it’s only a very small percentage.

Almost No One Is Included In The Extended GA4 Deadline

Will you be ready by the Google Analytics 4 deadline?
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For organizations that use the paid version of Google Analytics, called GA360 or Google Analytics 360 the deadline has been moved forward one year to July 2024. This accounts for very few organizations, however, as the costs for GA360 are $150,000+ per year. Quite a difference from the free version that most sites use. In fact, out of over 100 university websites I’ve had analytics access to, I only know of one that used GA360. It is difficult to find statistics on this but the data I could find indicates there are less than one million customers of this product worldwide.

From what experience I have had with Google Analytics 360, it’s a great product, but there isn’t much in it that can’t be replicated for most organizations with enhanced tracking and improved marketing dashboards. If you work in a company where spending $150k a year on a software service is no problem though, have at it.

Are You Ready For The Google Analytics 4 Deadline?

For the rest of us, the deadline of July 1, 2023 stands. So it’s time to get moving and transition to Google Analytics 4! There are many resources out there to help get started on the transition. Here are some of the best:

  1. Google has a video series on YouTube that is fairly in depth
  2. MeasureSchool has a video and blog series
  3. Cardinal Path has some “Getting Started” content as well
  4. Moz has an extensive text guide here

Lastly, I have guides for Higher Education and Small Business available.

Don’t Forget About Your Dashboards & Reporting

A reminder here that the GA4 deadline will affect your Google Data Studio / Looker Studio marketing dashboards as well. You’ll need to reconnect all of your reporting properties and adjust all of your dashboard items to display new metrics. In some cases it might be a good time to rethink your reporting and start over from scratch, or create additional dashboard pages as an interim solution.

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