It’s Possible to Sync Between Byword on iOS and Your Favorite Windows Markdown Editor

I’m way late to the game, but I just started to create my blog posts with Markdown instead of plain text or directly in WordPress (what’s Markdown?). Working with Markdown is great, frankly. My main problem was to come up with a workflow that… worked.

I Want Simple, Not Complex

I want to be able to create my posts on my iPhone and my Windows PC and have the files completely in sync. No brainer? Not quite. It isn’t immediately obvious how to get this done reliably. Most Markdown editors for iOS have Mac and iPhone/iPad versions, and support a combination of Dropbox and iCloud sync.

I’ve got over a terabyte of storage in OneDrive already and an Office 365 subscription, so really no interest in setting up Dropbox. My primary cloud storage is in OneDrive, and from what I can tell there are exactly zero iOS Markdown editors that support opening files from it. So OneDrive is out.

Thanks, Apple. Seriously.

iCloud, though, that’s a different story. Since I already have an iPhone I’m using iCloud by default, at least for backups. Storage I’m already paying for and same login I’m used to? Sounds good to me.

Here’s the setup I’m using to blog with reliable sync between iPhone and Windows PC:

Here’s How to Set Up Sync Between Byword and Your Windows PC

The key for this workflow is to install iCloud for Windows on your PC. Once it’s installed, you then need to make sure that “iCloud Drive” is turned on – it won’t be by default. You may or may not need to restart at this point – I needed to before everything started working.

Note you have to turn on iCloud Drive in the control panel, it’s not on by default.

Next, you need to make sure you can see “iCloud Drive” listed in your Windows Explorer. If not, look at your “Quick Access” panel on the left side, then select the iCloud Drive icon.

Byword will look for all text files in its own folder

If you are using Byword, you then need to find the “Byword” folder on your iCloud Drive. All the files you want to sync back and forth should be saved in this folder.

Use your Markdown editor on the PC to create a new document and save it in the Byword folder on your iCloud drive.

Testing a page written in Markdown Edit on Windows

Then, switch to your phone, open Byword and see if your new file appears. If so, then you’re done. Congrats!

Opening the same page in Byword on the iPhone – all good!

I hope this tip helps improve your writing workflow. Let me know in the comments how it worked for your unique setup.