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Identify Your Entrepreneurial Employees

The blog at Harvard Business Review has an excellent post this week about identifying the entrepreneurial types in your organization and how to handle them in the workplace. As the article says:

Once you identify certain performers as SEs or EMPs, it’s your job as a manager to retain them.

They identify two types of individuals that fit their definitions: Entrepreneurial-Minded People and Serial Entrepreneurs. Based on their descriptions I don’t feel like I fit exactly into their definitions but instead have elements of both types.

My own business experience showed me the true power of flexible organizations and teams, which are some of the biggest things that many companies need to work harder to incorporate. These changes would help them react and implement much more quickly than traditional styles.

The article is definitely worth a read for both employees and managers or potential leaders and provides good insight for helping these types of workers feel more included and appreciated at work — and how to start using some of their unique skills.

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