What’s New in Marketing, July 5, 2016

Here’s what I’m reading this week, and I think you should too. B2B Marketing What the Engagement Crisis Means for Social Media Marketing Agencies Focus on what really matters. What Every Enterprise Marketing Team Can Learn from Surfers Stay flexible! Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition underscores potential in enterprise social media Is it really going to work, […]

What’s the Endgame for Family Video?

In-Person Video Rental is Dying. What Should Family Video Do Next? Why do companies keep on running with the same business model when market trends point to their industry reducing itself to nothing? Take brick and mortar video rental. There’s a Family Video right down the street from where I live, but I haven’t bought anything there […]

How to Create a Blogging Workflow from Byword to Windows and Back

It’s Possible to Sync Between Byword on iOS and Your Favorite Windows Markdown Editor I’m way late to the game, but I just started to create my blog posts with Markdown instead of plain text or directly in WordPress (what’s Markdown?). Working with Markdown is great, frankly. My main problem was to come up with a […]

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Political Radar Brings a Fresh Voice to Green Bay Issues

Northeast Wisconsin’s Political Scene Gets a Lot More Interesting Six years ago, I moved to Green Bay after a 9 year career in politics in the capital of Texas. Compared to Austin, the political environment here was, let’s say, a little dead. I worked on city council, judicial, bond and county-level races in Texas, and […]

Sometimes, You Need to Bring the Donuts

Does the path to company performance run through your local bakery? We’ve had some disruption at work lately, and since I was scheduled to come into the office I wanted to hear what my coworkers had to say. When change happens, it’s important to get people talking and their thoughts and feelings out in the […]

How to Get Your Campaign’s Message Out to Voters

One of the biggest concerns for local campaigns is how to get their message out to voters. With limited resources, it can be deadly to pursue the wrong tactics. From volunteer activities to paid media, there are many options available with WIDE ranges in costs and effectiveness. The main voter communication tactics we see used […]

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Women, Don’t Wait to Be Asked to Run for Office

It has always puzzled me why more women don’t run for office. While our country is majority female, women are seriously underrepresented in politics. According to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, women hold only 24.8% of statewide offices in our country and make up 24.2% of state legislators. From my […]

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Fundraising Direct Mail Piece Formats

Direct mail is still a powerful tool for fundraising. Even though a high percentage of giving is done online, mail still has qualities that set it apart. Receiving a physical message is more personal, shows an invested effort, and can capture the attention of your donors for longer than an email or social media appeal. Even Barack […]

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Three Ways to Use Online Video in Your Campaign

Candidates, Take Advantage of the Power of Video Online video has become a very powerful tool for personal voter communication. Social media channels and YouTube provide an opportunity for vastly different and personal messages – they aren’t just for re-posting your TV ads. Being able to quickly post small updates from the campaign trail, more polished […]

Campaign Marketing How-To: Direct Mail, Leaflets and Other Printed Materials

Political Candidate Training: Direct Mail & Leaflets, Summer 2015 from Sanford Advocacy Marketing Candidate and Staff Training Excerpt: Direct Mail & Printed Materials In this excerpt from a campaign staff and candidate training we answer many questions about direct mail and printed materials including: How do campaigns get their direct mail program off the ground? […]

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