SEO & Analytics Services Packages


Comprehensive Website Audit

  • Competitive position vs 3 competitors
  • Top keywords, branded and non-branded, with rankings – up to 150
  • Evaluation of keyword relevancy vs. volume
  • Identification of opportunities for improved business outcomes
  • Starter 6-month plan
  • Full website audit to identify technical improvements

Starting at $2,750

SEO Fundamentals Team Training

  • 2-Hour training on search engine optimization fundamentals geared towards internal writing and communications staff

Starting at $1,000

Content Development

  • Single Articles: Starting at $1,000
  • Infographics and Other Custom Content: $Varies (Contact Us)

SEO Performance Management & Reporting

  • Monitoring of keyword performance on an ongoing basis
  • Compilation of monthly report and analysis with presentation to team
  • Recommendations for ongoing optimization

Starting at $2,500/month

Annual Editorial Planning

  • 12-Month plan for written content articles
  • Keyword optimized recommendations to incorporate in articles
  • Recommendations for technical fixes and keyword adjustments to existing website pages

Starting at $6,000


Google Analytics 4 Transition Consulting

  • Evaluation of current data collection and reporting processes
  • Analysis of previous 24 months of website interaction data
  • Collaborative consultation to develop tracking for GA4
  • Testing and launch of Google Analytics 4 tracking
  • 2 hour team training
  • Two monthly reporting sessions utilizing GA4 data

Starting at $9,500

Website Tracking Setup

  • Business goals consultation to establish tracking parameters
  • Testing and launch of Google Analytics tracking
  • 2 hour team training
  • Two monthly reporting sessions

Starting at $7,500

Ongoing Analytics Monitoring & Consulting

  • Data collection and analysis from online and offline sources, paid and organic
  • Compilation into monthly report
  • Monthly report presentation and consulting session

Starting at $2,500

Ad Hoc Analytics Services

  • $Varies (Contact Us)

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