The Automation Advantage: Is Your Marketing Working For You 24/7?

Growing up in Oklahoma, we had a common saying: “I’m fixin’ to get ready.”In other words, I’ve got somewhere to go or something to do, but not quite yet – so in the meantime I’m doing something else, which may or may not have anything to do with what I’m doing later. The buying cycle for […]

The Automation Advantage: Empower Your Email Marketing

What’s the highest-performing digital marketing channel? Is it Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? You may be surprised to know that yes, even in 2017, the tool that delivers the strongest return on investment for marketers is still email. With a median ROI of 122 percent, if done well it can be more effective per dollar for some organizations than other […]

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agencies Should Be Platform Agnostic

Lessons Learned from 7 Years with the HubSpot Platform I’ve managed HubSpot instances for various clients and employers for 7 years now, and three things have stood out the whole time: HubSpot is (still!) really bad at reporting. As much as it’s sold as a “DIY” platform, you still need either HubSpot or an an […]