In today’s world most businesses have to have some sort of online presence. It can be the best way to get information to current and future customers, but there’s a lot more to digital marketing than just having a website or a Facebook page. It’s important to stay relevant and have a real strategy for marketing, and beyond that you have to be able to analyze your results to see what your business can be doing better. Keep reading for a few reasons why you need a digital marketing analyst even if you already have one on staff.

Benefits Of Having A Digital Marketing Analyst

A digital marketing consultant can help solve challenges across your internal team.
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A digital marketing analyst can take a look at all the data and results from digital marketing campaigns, social media stats, email results, website analytics and to determine things like:

  • What’s working and what’s not
  • What platforms are the most cost-efficient
  • Opportunities to increase day-to-day profit margins
  • Customer behaviors
  • How to adapt and improve strategies

Should I Hire An External Digital Marketing Consultant?

Outside Perspective on Marketing is Valuable

So why is it important to hire a digital marketing consultant outside of your business? Well there are a few reasons. The first is for an outside perspective. It can be difficult for an employee to see data objectively. They may have a tendency to always frame things in a positive light, because they want all the company’s efforts to have great results. Employees might even do this unconsciously because they have a bias for the company to succeed. An outside analyst doesn’t have any biases about the business. They are strictly involved to find the facts and analysis results without any prior influences.

Hiring A Consultant Helps You Put Your Team on The Most Appropriate Tasks

Another benefit to hiring a digital marketing consultant outside of your company is to benefit teamwork. It can be a tough spot for an internal analyst to be if the results are less than ideal. Maybe an entire campaign fell flat and produced some lackluster results. The analyst then has to break the news to their team, and tell them that their weeks of hard work didn’t pan out. Those team members could potentially have animosity towards that analyst, even though it isn’t their fault. It can cause tension or a divide in the team. If instead an outside analyst is presenting this information, the team won’t take it as personal, and they will be able to come together as a team, motivated to do better with the next campaign.

A Consultant Analyst Can Help Cut Through Organizational “Red Tape”

A marketing consultant can help cut through internal resistance and red tape.
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A third reason it’s important to hire a digital marketing analyst is because they can help cut through internal resistance. It is common for a company to resist results presented by an internal analyst because of pride or disbelief. They might not have confidence in that team member, they might just be unwilling to listen to them. An external analyst has a better chance of getting through this red tape because they will be perceived as being the expert with no motive to report anything other than the facts.

Overall it’s important to have a digital marketing analyst, but it’s even more vital to hire a digital marketing consultant that isn’t on staff. They will provide a necessary outside perspective, help benefit teamwork and will be able to cut through some of that internal resistance. If you need an analyst you can rely on, contact me to set up a free consultation.