With the launch of paid pins, Pinterest’s reckoning moment has arrived

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After what can only be described as “forever” in tech years, not to mention raising half a billion in venture capital, Pinterest is finally looking to to monetize. In case you were hiding under some sort of rock and missed the big news, the company has rolled out paid advertising pins.

In a classic effort to downplay the importance of this new revenue generator to the future of its business, Pinterest chose to roll out the news via a blog post and a few last minute emails to reporters. This is a stark contrast to the h’ordeuvres filled whoop-de-doo that the company normally hosts at its Carnival-themed headquarters when announce important news.

Entertainment aside, these past soirees have grown increasingly frustrating for this reporter specifically, as each subsequent evenings at Pinterest HQ failed to deliver a promoted pins announcement, but rather amounted to big PR pushes for Place Pins and then Guided Search. But now, when Pinterest finally has significant news for its business to…

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A big bet, backed by lots of data: why Netflix renewed Orange is the New Black

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This is pretty incredible to me. It shows how aggressive (and successful!) Netflix is becoming in its push to become a major player in original new content. Quite a jump from the company we knew as a source of aging movie reruns delivered by DVD just a few years ago. Imagine what TV viewing will be like in a few more years’ time. Perhaps the “cord cutter” movement will eventually gain sufficient traction to cause real behavioral change in some major players who have refused to budge much (HBO, anyone?) thus far.

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Netflix (S NFLX) loves Orange is the New Black so much that it has renewed the hit show for a third season before it even released the second season — which makes a lot of sense for Netflix.

News of the re-up was broken by one of the show’s actresses Monday, according to Reuters, and the video service went on to confirm the news.  The move is kind of remarkable because it speaks to the success Orange has enjoyed. Netflix has never released ratings for any of its shows, but the company said last year that the show was watched more during its opening week than both of its other high-profile dramas Arrested Development and House of Cards.

But there is another aspect to the early renewal that is interesting: Netflix is commonly seen as a company that makes extensive use of analytics. New features on its site…

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Jon Lester strikes out a career-high 15 batters in win over Athletics

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Like in business, most accomplishments in baseball are a team effort. Even something like a new record for strikeouts isn’t a solo affair. There is the aid of the catcher, of course — but also the trainers, nutritionists, manager, position coaches and more behind the scenes whose contributions all build up to these moments.

Take the time to recognize the entire team behind your wins at work.

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Jon Lester struck out a career-high 15 batters and allowed just one hit over eight scoreless innings this afternoon in a 6-3 victory over the Athletics in Fenway Park in Boston.

It was a dominant performance from Lester, who walked two batters on the day and gave up his lone hit on a single by Craig Gentry in the third inning. The southpaw struck out the final three batters he faced in the eighth inning and was pulled after throwing 119 pitches. The A’s made things interesting after Chris Capuano took over in the top of the ninth inning, but Koji Uehara managed to snuff out the rally to secure the victory, albeit in shaky fashion.

Lester’s previous career-high for strikeouts was 13, which he did on July 24, 2010 against the Mariners. The 30-year-old is the first Red Sox pitcher to strike out 15 batters in a game since…

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Apple isn’t going to take over your dashboard, but it will make it a lot easier to get apps into your car

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Let’s be honest – automakers have been HUGE failures at making the most of the touch screens in their cars. Consumers will most likely embrace tech like CarPlay and increasingly avid any of the built-in interface when they can. Unfortunately, we can expect the automakers to be stubborn in the face of this.

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The automotive and tech worlds are abuzz today with news about Apple’s entrance into the connected car at the Geneva Auto Show, and rightly so. This deal will be huge for putting more apps and into the dashboard and connecting millions of iPhone owners to their cars, but it also needs to be put in a little perspective.

This is a first step for Apple(s aapl) into automotive realm that could take on much more significance later on. With CarPlay, we’re not going to see a new generation of iCars to match our iPads, iPods and iPhones. We’re not going to see automakers abandon their infotainment platforms and hand the controls over to Apple. And Apple hasn’t struck any kind of coup de grace against Google(s goog), Microsoft(s msft), BlackBerry-QNX(s bbry) or Nokia(s nok) in the battle over the connected car. In fact it won’t be long before we see…

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Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes First To Add iOS In The Car Next Week

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Congratulations to Apple for their success in getting car integration with some major makes, but shame on the auto manufacturers for not realizing this is a poor way to go.

Consumers don’t need their cars to have proprietary systems for navigation. What we really need is an open standard for -any- type of phone operating system to connect and take over the car’s screen and perhaps a few hardware buttons.

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iOS in the Car, announced by Eddy Cue last year at the iOS 7 launch, was supposed to appear in 2014 and, according to the Financial Times, it’s finally coming to Volvo, Mercedes, and Ferrari. BMW, a premium launch partner mentioned last year, was notably absent.

The service allows for direct interaction with the manufacturer’s in-car entertainment and communications systems and includes an iOS-like UI. While many manufacturers have resorted to USB connections to iOS devices that may or may not allow for easy media access, iOS in the Car aims to offer call control, Siri interaction, and media playback with a simple interface. It also allows for satellite navigation using the iPhone’s built-in GPS and mapping systems.

Honda and Acura have already implemented some of the features. According to AppleInsider, the company was slow to roll out the feature due to internal reticence in Apple’s corporate ranks.

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