About Marcus Sanford
Let’s face it: simple is hard.

Life is full of complexity, but complex doesn’t sell. Simple sells. Over 16+ years in marketing for large and small businesses, non-profits and political causes, I’ve made a living taking the complex and making it simple so your audience understands your value and buys in.

I create messaging and other written content for business, political campaigns and non-profit organizations. I’ve worked in industries as diverse as enterprise software, startups, in manufacturing and on political efforts and advocacy campaigns.

My focus is one thing – your success. If your organization needs clear communication that helps you win in your market, let’s talk.

A Track Record of Success

I have consulted for campaigns and organizations which:

  • Exceeded marketing pipeline generation goals in B2B regulated industries
  • Established Austin’s MetroRail commuter rail system
  • Created the Travis County (Austin) metropolitan Healthcare District
  • Launched Austin CarShare, the first non-profit car sharing service in the southern United States
  • Engaged an unprecedented number of citizens in regional growth planning efforts
  • Won 70%+ of primary and general elections for State Senator, State Representative, Judicial, County Commissioner and similar positions

Marcus Sanford

Marcus SanfordA veteran of over 125 political, small business and non-profit communications efforts, I love the breakthrough moments that come when a great message is delivered to an audience and they start to take action.

Formerly, I was Managing Partner of Ignite Consulting, a communications partnership in Austin, Texas. I have worked for business, political and non-profit organizations for 16+ years. I’m especially proud of my work on behalf of regional planning efforts, urban transportation proposals and in support of small businesses.

I hold an MBA in Marketing and Management Information Systems from Concordia University Wisconsin and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of Central Oklahoma.